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Eloping & Your Florals

As you embark on your intimate elopement in this pristine wilderness, here are essential tips to ensure your bouquet remains as radiant as the love that brought you here.

Secure the Stems:

We use zip ties to bind the bouquet stems securely. This not only maintains the arrangement's structure during your adventurous day but also ensures easy handling as you traverse the park's enchanting terrain.

Mindful Transportation:

Carefully transport your bouquet in the vase and box provided to keep the flowers hydrated, secure, and in an upright position within your vehicle to prevent shifting during the drive up Going to Sun Road.

Timing is Key:

Plan your elopement schedule around optimal lighting conditions. Morning or late afternoon ceremonies not only provide the most captivating natural light but also help preserve the freshness of your bouquet in milder temperatures.

Post-Ceremony Care:

After exchanging vows in the heart of nature, find a cool, shaded spot to place your bouquet when not in use. This provides a reprieve from direct sunlight and helps maintain the blooms' vitality for the remainder of your elopement adventure.

As you embark on your Glacier National Park elopement, let your bouquet not only symbolize your love but also harmonize with the untamed beauty that surrounds you, creating timeless memories against the backdrop of this natural wonder.

Getting Eloped? Let's discuss your florals!

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