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Growing The Shoulder Seasons

At the crossroads of growing zones, Two Kay’s Flower Farm flourishes within the unique microclimate of zone 5b, courtesy of our idyllic lakeside haven.

Curious about growing zones? Discover yours here

The unsung heroes of our extended growing seasons? Hoop houses – these unassuming structures play a pivotal role in orchestrating our floral symphony, propelling us a month ahead in our blossoming journey.

Hoop Houses at Montana Flower Farm

Unveiling the Hoop House Magic

As winter's chill reluctantly loosens its grip, our hoop houses come alive with the promise of spring. These structures, made of translucent plastic stretched over a curved frame, act as nature's timekeepers, providing a controlled environment that shields delicate blooms from unpredictable weather.

Ranunculus and anemones, typically delicate spring stars, are coaxed into bloom ahead of their open-field counterparts. The controlled warmth and shelter nurture them, allowing petals to unfurl gracefully and colors to burst forth in vibrant hues.

Dahlias, the Crown Jewels

But the magic doesn't end with spring's entrancing overture. With the freedom our hoop houses afford us, we usher in the grandeur of dahlias earlier than the open fields permit. The soil, warmed and enriched within the protective walls, welcomes these regal blooms, allowing us to revel in their beauty sooner and longer.

Autumn's Grateful Embrace

As the seasons pivot, our hoop houses transform from incubators of spring's tender blooms to shields against autumn's chill. The very structures that cradled our ranunculus and anemones now safeguard our dahlias, granting them an extended performance. Nature's theater continues, uninterrupted, well beyond the conventional limits of the growing season.

Join us in unraveling the secrets of our extended growing seasons – a tale woven within the very fabric of our hoop houses. These structures, more than shelter, are the guardians of our floral dreams, letting us cultivate a year-round kaleidoscope of blooms.

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