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Late Summer and Early Autumn Blooms

This time of year is probably the most unpredictable time of year for us. Some years we have blooms into late October (both inside and outside the hoop houses). Other times a early hard frost comes through and the season ends.

Many of the blooms from our previous post (found here) also spill over to this time, so we encourage you to look at those blooms as well. We also find that many of our spring blooms pop up for an encore once the temperatures start to dip (find those here).



We are known for our long row of sunflowers that line the road here on the farm. We even sell seeds from those sunflowers so you can grow your own (purchase here)


These fluffy blooms arrive in the fall


While these ladies bloom earlier in the summer, now is the perfect time to harvest as they age. The colors become more complex and they last longer in a vase.



Known more as the perfect candidate to dry, these ladies come in a variety of colors and hold up so well in arrangements.


Another variety that comes in a range of colors, these ladies usher in autumn for me. They are long lasting in arrangements and we are excited to have sowed plenty for the expansion this year!


I think carnations get a bad rap. Most folks think of the overused grocery store variety. We've even had a photographer say to NEVER use them in her arrangements. I wish more folks could meet this variety. Smaller and smells devine.



I am so excited to report that we have 100 of these bushes going into the expansion this season. Also known as Butterfly Bush and with varieties named 'Prince Charming' and "Princess Pink' you know these are going to be gorgeous!


Similar to lavender but with a deeper color and fresher bloom look.


We have received so many compliments from customers when we place basil in arrangements. Folks like the comforting smell, and the bells love it for pollination!



We think this is a great autumn touch to arrangements.

Decorative Corn

Another nod to autumn, is our decorative corn. We find it's a fun addition to couples embracing the season by tucking these into arches and other larger arrangements.


This almost guarantees a smile. People are always surprised when they find veggies and fruit in arrangements. It's usually followed by "I'd never think to add that!"


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