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New Year, New Goals

Updated: Jun 24

2023 both excites & terrifies me

Anyone who has chased their big dreams can understand this juxtapose of emotions.

This past year we made the decision to expand our growing space, offerings to our farm guests & our wonderful wholesale customers.

Been doing a lot of reading on pushing through imprinted fears & stories that no longer serve your end goal.

I've always tended to be be cautious in big decisions. I wouldn't jump until every last detail was fully thought through. All fears flushed out. This typically led to time & resources being expended without moving the needle forward. I'm not referencing just my business world, but also my personal life. Bless my husband for understanding this about me & allowing me the time & space to process (even the small stuff).

This tiptoeing through life isn't going to serve me well as I jump into entrepreneurship, really I think it's a lot of the reason why wonderful ideas/businesses never get off the ground.

I was discussing with mom recently about how this business has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I'm proud of myself & my family for everything we've accomplished, but also, for all of us dreaming big.

After making the jump, I want this for you too.

I'm including links below to my favorite reading materials from this past off season to help you move past your limiting stories and for you to dream big too.

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