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Updated: Jun 24

Think back to the dried flower phase of the late 80's...

Remember the dried filler that resembled fluffy clouds? That's statice.

This bloom is still a staple of the dried flower industry because it comes in so many colors, dries beautifully and fills arrangements so perfectly.

We grew an apricot this past season and it was breathtaking. Flower breeders are definitely working towards elevated color palettes that can be used by event florists, which we find very exciting!


Choose to harvest on a dry day and when it is still cool out

Harvest when flowers are fully opened and leave a stem around 12-18 inches

Remove any leaves from the cutting and place the stems into a bucket of water to hydrate away from sunlight

After 12 hours, bunch your stems into groupings of 7 stems and hang upside down in a dry place . The room should be dark, warm and have good air circulation. Provide space between bunches to encourage air circulation.

Drying time is around 2 weeks


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