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Summer Blooms

Picking up from where we left off in last weeks post (click here to learn what's blooming in May & June) Let's chat about what blooms we have in the summer months here on our NW Montana farm.

Again, a little disclosure, while we anticipate these crops during July & August we always know that a weather event, bug infestation, fungal, etc are always a possibility.

Alright, let's get to the blooms!



Dahlias come in so many sizes, shapes and colors. It's short vase life makes it perfect for event work. Every year we keep adding more and more to our selection and quantities.


Mom's favorite flower of all time. They are tall and regal. They also come in a variety of colors.


We have white, yellow and pink lilies. When this section of the garden blooms you can smell it in the air. The trick is harvesting them prior to the petals opening for the longest vase life.


We decided to dabble in roses and I am so glad we did. We have Koko Loko, Distant Drum, Amber Abundance and Easy Going.



This bloom is a staple of the fresh and dried flower industry because it comes in so many colors, dries beautifully and fills arrangements so perfectly. We grew an apricot this past season and it was breathtaking. Flower breeders are definitely working towards elevated color palettes that can be used by event florists, which we find very exciting!


Annual scabiosa looks like tuffs of softness on thin stems. We grow many colors including white, salmon, dark burgundy and a lite purple.


Most of the time I'm not crazy about the petals of this perennial and actually wait until they shed and we can use the center seed head for super interesting texture.


Most folks think of marigolds as bedding plants, but they actually have bred varieties for longer stems and softer colors.


A true workhorse of the garden. Zinnias come in different colors (red, pink, yellow, white, everything in between). They also come in different sizes from sweet button all the way to these large giants!


A wonderful filler with a mass of super sweet little blooms. We grow a mix of colors in deep cranberry to white.

Fama Morgan Scabiosa

These are the sisters to the pincushions but perennial. We grow both the white and the blue.


These fun orange blooms are some of our favorites.

Ammi Dara

Light and airy, plus they come in a deep chocolate color!


These are button sized pops of colors, and they come in SOO many different colors. Plus, they dry beautifully!


We once had a photographer say they'd love a bouquet of JUST this full sunshine colored bloom. We also have a lighter yellow that is the perfect muted color for events.


Annual phlox is a favorite with event florists, and the pictured Cherry Carmel is a good example as to why!

Hanging Amaranth

While actually more of a spiller then a filler... It's absolutely stunning in arrangements.


They are having a moment right now aren't they? They are light and airy in designs. They come in pinks, terracotta, yellows, whites and deep pinks.


Balls of sunshine in any design with this unique bright bloom.



We grow a purple and pink variety of this bloom. It reminds us of a fluffy tail.


A heat lover, these blooms really come into their own come August. They come in many different colors and they remind us of paint brushes.


Who doesn't love a blue flower? These dramatic ladies hit in July and never last quite long enough.



We found this by accident one year. It bloomed under one of our bird feeders and we agree with the birds- it's lovely!


We grow many different decorative grasses that add a neutral sparkle to any design. We also love frosted explosion and bunny tail.


Have you ever thought of incorporating herbs into your arrangements? We love using sage and basil. The bees also love visiting them in the field!

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