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When to Collect Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Jun 24

As the big day approaches, couples often wonder when they should pick up their wedding flowers. The timing can be crucial to ensure the blooms look fresh and vibrant when it matters the most.

With Cool Storage:

• If you have access to cool storage, such as a refrigerator, you have the advantage of preserving your flowers longer.

• We recommend picking up your wedding flowers no earlier than three days before the event.

• Ensure that the florals do not touch the sides of the cooler or get placed in the back where they can freeze.

• Storing with fruits and veggies can shorten vase life due to gases emitted from the produce.

Without Cool Storage:

• If cool storage is unavailable, consider collecting your flowers the day of or one day before your wedding.

• Place in a cool dark room to preserve the blooms freshness.

Timing is everything when it comes to collecting your wedding flowers. With cool storage, you have the flexibility to pick up your blooms up to three days before the event, ensuring their freshness. For those without cool storage, the day before your wedding is the earliest we suggest for a pickup date.

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