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Kalispell, Montana Flower Stand

Our self-serve flower stand in Kalispell, Montana is more than just a place to pick flowers—it's an experience that invites you to step into the magic of nature and create something beautiful. Let's dive into what makes our flower stand so special and why it's a must-visit for anyone looking to add a little extra joy to their day.

Bursting with Blooms

Picture this: you step up to our self-serve flower stand and you're immediately surrounded by a vibrant array of colors and scents. Our stand is a celebration of the seasons, showcasing the best of what nature has to offer, and it's all right here for you to explore in Kalispell, Montana.

The Joy of Picking Out Your Bouquet

Select the bouquet that catches your eye, as each bouquet is unique and created with what is in bloom here at the farm that weekend.

Honor System

Our self-serve flower stand operates on the honor system, and we couldn't be more proud of it. It's simple: pick your flowers, follow the payment instructions, and head home with a beautiful bouquet and a heart full of joy.

Seasonal Surprises and Special Touches

We love to keep things fresh and exciting, so you'll always find something special at our flower stand. Each season brings new touches that add a little extra magic to your experience. Plus, we have Two Kays Merchandise that you can enjoy as well!

Bringing a Piece of Two Kays Home

When you pick a bouquet at our self-serve flower stand, you're not just taking home flowers—you're bringing a piece of Two Kays Flower Farm with you. It's a memory, a snapshot of the beauty you found here, speaking of snapshot, be sure to grab a picture in front of Fyrne the Ol' Ford and tag us in your photos online.

Two Kays Flower Farm Self Serve Stand

So come on over, take a moment to pick out your perfect bouquet! Our self-serve flower stand isn't just a part of our farm—it's a part of your story, one bloom at a time.

See you at the stand!

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