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Support Your Local Farmer

Perhaps you've heard CSA get thrown around and you aren't quite sure what folks are talking about,

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture, the concept of which can be interpreted in a number of ways. At its core, a CSA is a model in which the customer financially invests in a farm at the beginning of a growing season, when sales are at their lowest, and in return receives a share of the farm’s harvest once crops are coming out of the fields.

Here at Two Kay's we are offering two options, a weekly subscription or bi-weekly, both starting on June 19th (We've shared links for both at the bottom of this post!)

What is a Cut Flower Subscription?

A Cut Flower Share works just the same as the popular vegetable CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) do. Each individual or family purchases a subscription of the cut flower harvest before the growing season begins. Your payment and commitment to the farm helps the us the farmer plan and begin the season.

What will be in my subscription?

Your subscription will always contain fresh flowers grown at Two Kay's Flower Farm. Our subscribers are our first priority, we will fill all subscriptions with our best blooms before any bouquets are offered to the general public at the flower stand.

When and where do I pick up my share?

Your subscription is delivered to your address on your designated delivery day! We know how busy the summer can be and want to make having fresh flowers as easy to enjoy as possible!

What if I am unavailable on my delivery day?

We are more than happy to work with you in these instances! If you are unable to accept your subscription, please reach out to us about perhaps surprising a neighbor or friend who lives near you with a fresh bouquet! Or we can look at delivering the week after the subscription is completed in September (weather dependent).

Am I able to specify which flowers or which color flowers I want in my weekly bouquets?

Subscriptions cannot be customized. Our assorted seasonal bouquets are created depending on what is blooming and available in our annual and perennial gardens. We do promise it will always be new and exciting to see your weekly bouquet!

May I purchase a Share for someone else as a gift?

Absolutely yes! Please share the lucky recipients name and their delivery address on the product page prior to hitting 'add to cart'.

I have a business, may I purchase a Share for the business?

Absolutely yes! As long as someone is able to accept the flowers on delivery day, we'd love to deliver to your business.

Please contact us if you are interested in seasonal arrangements for your shop or restaurant or, if you would like flowers by the bucket for your business or special events.

Can I cancel my Share and refund my money?

We rely on your subscriptions for revenue at the start of our growing season, so we ask that you consider gifting or transferring your subscription to someone who will appreciate weekly, locally grown flowers.


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