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How to Communicate Your Event Floral Vision to Your Florist

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

You’ve scoured Pinterest, flipped through wedding magazines, and now you’re armed with a collection of stunning floral inspiration photos that perfectly encapsulate your dream wedding aesthetics. But how do you convey what you love about these images to your florist?

Create a Mood Board:

• Use tools like Pinterest or mood board apps to organize your inspiration photos.

• Include not just floral arrangements but also color palettes and overall wedding style.

• Share the mood board with your florist to give them a holistic view of your vision.

Verbal Descriptions:

• Words can be as powerful as images. Use descriptive language to convey your feelings.

• Discuss the emotions you want your flowers to evoke, whether it’s romantic, rustic, or boho.

• Provide specifics, such as your favorite flowers, colors, and any must-have elements.

Prioritize and Compromise:

• Recognize that every bloom may not be available due to seasonality.

• Prioritize what’s most important to you and be open to your florist’s suggestions for suitable alternatives.

Trust Your Florist:

• Remember that florists are artists with a deep understanding of flowers and design.

• Be open to their creative input and trust their expertise in bringing your vision to life.

Budget Discussion:

• Be transparent about your budget to ensure realistic expectations.

• Your florist can help you make the most of your budget while maintaining your desired aesthetic.

Be Flexible:

• While it’s great to have a clear vision, be open to small adjustments and creative surprises.

• Flexibility allows your florist to work their magic and adapt to any unexpected challenges.

In bringing your dream wedding to life through florals, the key lies not only in envisioning but effectively communicating your desires. By crafting a comprehensive mood board and articulating your preferences with both words and priorities, you lay the groundwork for a collaborative and successful partnership with your florist. Remember, flexibility and trust are the final petals in this blossoming relationship, allowing your florist to weave their artistic expertise into a floral masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.

We (and our local flowers) would love to be invited to your special day! Let's start dreaming your event florals:

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