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Our DIY Bloom Buckets

Updated: Jun 24

Embarking on a do-it-yourself floral adventure?

Our DIY buckets are designed to be a blooming canvas for your creativity. Each bucket, comprising of 50-60 stems, is a carefully curated mix of line, filler, and focal flowers. It's a floral medley waiting to be transformed into the arrangements of your dreams.

To help gauge how many buckets you will need, our typical bridal bouquet, bursting with natural beauty, generally consists of around 60 stems.

If you're opting for our DIY buckets, we encourage you to share your vision with us. Let us know what you're planning to create, and we'll make sure to include the perfect combination of stems, ensuring that your floral masterpiece aligns seamlessly with your artistic aspirations.

Your creation begins with our blooms, and we're here to ensure it blossoms into everything you envision for your special day.


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